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Our Work | The development of legal infrastructure in Africa

In 1997, building on ILI Washington’s 42 years experience, we established an Institute in Uganda dedicated to providing affordable and high-level post-professional education to public and private sector officials in Uganda in the areas of law, governance, finance and project management to equip these professionals with practical tools to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and compete effectively with other professionals across the globe. The relevance of this approach was quickly recognised, and over the years, we have drawn public and private sector professionals and institutions from across countries in Africa and the rest of the world as participants, faculty and consultants.

ILI-ACLE seminars are taught by a highly experienced and prominent international and regional faculty, providing participants with a global perspective while also ensuring that all subjects are taught with an African focus. Appreciating that most ILI-ACLE participants are mid-senior level professionals, ILI-ACLE faculty apply relevant adult-oriented training approaches with a focus on practical sessions that provide real-life scenarios and case studies. Over 15,000 participants from over 40 countries spanning the African continent and beyond have attended ILI-ACLE programmes. ILI-ACLE programmes provide a useful platform for sharing business contacts and experiences. Our training programmes and activities have expanded from Uganda to strategic locations across Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, the US and many other regions of the world.

In addition to its training programmes, ILI-ACLE provides technical advisory programmes in a wide range of areas of importance to both public and private sector organisations operating on the continent. Today, ILI-ACLE has worked with numerous partners such as Democratic Governance Facility, Danida, the Danida Fellowship Centre, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the World Bank, Case Western Reserve University and the Open Society Initiative for East Africa, in areas including access to justice, judicial restructuring and support, promoting government integrity, international criminal law, conflict transformation, public sector leadership, regional integration, among many others.

Our successes and growth are as a result of the continued support of our strong network of alumni, faculty, public and private sector institutions around the globe, development partners as well as our staff. We apply this regional and international experience to continue to work to develop opportunities for more diverse, practical and sustained initiatives and capacity building efforts for legal practitioners and professionals, as well as other professionals. We strive to remain relevant and ready to meet the region’s evolving needs.

Strengthening the Capacity of Local Council Courts in Uganda

In 2013, ILI-ACLE entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Democratic Governance Facility for an initial two-year initiative, and extended for an additional eight months, to strengthen access to justice in Uganda through building the capacity of the local council courts (LCCs), the most accessible court structures in the country. With continued support from the Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) and buy-in from key stakeholders, ILI-ACLE developed a comprehensive training manual, approved by MoLG and other Justice, Law and Order Sector stakeholders. A cadre of 903 MoLG trainers were trained and empowered to conduct training of LCCs at the village and parish levels in more than 45 districts across Uganda. Over 3,500 LCC members have been trained from more than 430 courts and due to the notable impact the initiative has had, a further extension has been granted for additional activities.

COMESA Procurement reform and harmonisation

With the support of the African Development Bank, ILI-ACLE worked with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) in a large procurement reform and harmonisation initiative in the region. The Institute:

  • Developed a groundbreaking procurement directive endorsed by the COMESA Council of Ministers.
  • Conducted a needs assessment on the state of procurement reform and harmonisation in the COMESA member states and developed customised procurement training tools;
  • Trained procurement officials, local training institutions and business communities across 19 partner states.

Legislative Drafting

ILI-ACLE offers numerous cutting-edge, relevant and practical training programmes as part of its annual calendar. Legislative Drafting is one of the most popular programmes and offered as a certificate or diploma training. Practical and with a focus on improving drafting skills, the programme attracts participants from parliaments, law reform commissions, attorney general’s chambers, ministries of justice and other government institutions, private institutions, among others. Additionally, the Institute has been requested to develop customised programmes by numerous institutions such as the Kenya State Law Office, the Rwandan Ministry of Justice, and the Kenyan National Assembly. ILI-ACLE has also developed a diploma programme on legislative processes and parliamentary systems for parliamentarians from Sudan.

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