Article on Medical Products Regulation in Africa

11 Jun Article on Medical Products Regulation in Africa

In an article published on the website of the International Bar Association (IBA) where he is a fellow under the Fellowship for Innovation, ILI-ACLE Vice Chairman, Swithin J. Munyantwali, examines the regulation of medical products on the African continent. Below is an excerpt:

Do the ‘African Lions’ appreciate the importance of medical products regulation?
Swithin J. Munyantwali, IBA Fellow

As I observed in a previous article for the IBA, numerous respected commentators applaud the promise of economic development in Africa. This has resulted in complimentary phrases, such as ‘lions on the move’ coined by McKinsey and the continent being compared to the Asian Tigers, who have rapidly moved from third to first world status.

This article focuses on healthcare, an important indicator of well-being in any society, and assesses whether the ‘African Lions’ meet the legal requirements to deliver dependable and acceptable care to the populations currently living on the continent. The general failure of a robust regulatory framework in a country is usually indicative of failure to regulate in a specific context.

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