ILI-ACLE Interns Visit Court of Appeal

05 Aug ILI-ACLE Interns Visit Court of Appeal

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, ILI-ACLE’s legal interns— hailing from various international, as well as local, jurisdictions— visited Uganda’s Court of Appeals/Constitutional Court, located in Kampala, the country’s capital city. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to hear two cases presented at the Constitutional Court. In addition, they met with a member of the court and ILI-ACLE facilitator, the Honorable Lady Justice Professor Lillian Tibatemwa, and her Research Assistant, Ms. Norah Baluka. The group discussed the differences in the study and practice of law within the jurisdictions represented: Uganda, The United States of America, Germany and Great Britain. This extraordinary experience not only gave the ILI-ACLE intern class of 2015 the opportunity to see the development and administration of the legal and judicial sector in Uganda, but also encouraged them to appreciate how each jurisdiction they represent has a unique approach to addressing legal issues and resolving disputes.

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