Human Rights and access to justice & Environment

An appreciation for human rights and access to justice is a critical component of legal infrastructure.  As set forth below, ILI-ACLE has extensive experience in strengthening the capacity of local government officials, civil society officers and lawyers in the area of human rights, including the rights-based approach to development, access to justice and international criminal law. ILI-ACLE’s human rights programmes involve a practical approach that reflects on application, benefits and challenges. The Institute also collaborates with institutions, formal and informal, for greater and more equitable access to quality justice.

ILI-ACLE appreciates the importance of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment for the enjoyment of human rights and wellbeing. The Institute provides opportunities for training on climate change, green growth and clean energy while also integrating these issues, as relevant, in its other programmes.

ILI-ACLE’s experience in human rights, access to justice and environmental issues is set forth below:

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