Study Tours

As part of its global classroom exchanges, ILI-ACLE designs and conducts study tours to numerous countries for groups to learn from and interact with peers and relevant institutions from best-practice jurisdictions. Well-planned ILI-ACLE  study tours provide the opportunity for unique insight into practical aspects of institutional operations and successes, as well as the implementation of various initiatives and projects, with an appreciation of cultural contexts. ILI-ACLE study tours offer a combined approach of site visits, classroom lectures and action planning sessions where participants reflect on how to incorporate relevant best practices into their own institutions.

ILI-ACLE has organized study and learning tours to Malaysia, Singapore, the UK and the US – with the opportunity for participants to gain access to parliaments, governmental institutions, judiciaries and other judicial bodies, corporations and companies, and other bodies. Where relevant, the Institution also incorporates site visits and guest presentations in its calendar programmes.


ILI-ACLE experience in global classroom study tours is set forth below:

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