Towards its goal of developing a solid legal framework across the sub-Saharan African region to enhance economic development, ILI-ACLE hosts lawyers, judges, finance officers and other professionals engaged in public and private sector development in the most relevant and cutting-edge seminars. ILI-ACLE seminars are distinguished by a prominent faculty, internationally lauded for their expertise and knowledgeable in the local conditions particular to Africa and the developing world. ILI-ACLE’s experience in designing and implementing professional training programmes also provides the added value of capacity building to the various technical advisory services in which the Institution takes part. This promotes long-term sustainability of services provided and, because it is a permanent regional centre, many institutions are able to continue to draw on its resources long after projects have concluded.

ILI-ACLE training programmes:

  • Provide a cross-section of topics reflecting much needed practical training as well as new and cutting-edge topics;
  • Include current trends and developments in the area or sector of focus;
  • Reflect a combination of regional and international expertise providing a blend of international best practices and regional perspectives;
  • Are practical and designed for working professionals and practitioners, offering solutions to relevant challenges and concerns;
  • Are tailored to address the needs of the participants, providing the opportunity to focus on improving areas of weakness and seeking solutions;
  • Are highly interactive and promote the use of exercises and case studies for enhanced adult learning;
  • Are regularly monitored with participants providing brief evaluations at the end of every training day and more comprehensive feedback at the end of the training; and
  • Provide high quality training from leading experts and practitioners, well-sourced reference material, a conducive learning environment for professionals, and ILI-ACLE certification, respected regionally and internationally.


ILI-ACLE has expanded its training programmes from Uganda to other strategic locations across Africa and the globe, including Mauritius, Kenya, Lesotho, Tanzania and the UAE.

In addition to the list of programmes carefully selected each year for its annual calendar, ILI-ACLE also provides customised training based on requests from institutions, designed to suit particular groups and institutions.

The Institute also organizes learning and study tours to numerous countries for the opportunity to observe and interact first-hand best-practice institutions. ILI-ACLE’s study tours combine visits to institutions with classroom discussions as well as action-planning sessions to reflect and create a plan for the application of some of the innovative and relevant practices drawn from the visits. Previous activities have included training and tour programmes to Malaysia, Singapore, the UK and the US.

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