Technical Assistance

ILI-ACLE works with key bilateral and multilateral development partners in the implementation of technical advisory services in a wide range of areas of critical importance to the development of the public and private sectors in Africa. Technical advisory services provided by the Institute offer the additional benefit of capacity building and training to promote the long-term sustainability of services provided.

Due to increasing recognition of the Institute’s relevance as a training institution and provider of technical assistance, a number of regional and international institutions have entered into partnerships with ILI-ACLE to further these initiatives.  The Institute has also developed deep ties with local institutions through its projects and network of alumni and faculty spread out on the African continent and beyond.

Over the years, ILI-ACLE has established itself as one of the most respected providers of technical assistance relating to law, governance, finance and project management in sub-Saharan Africa. Below are a list of ILI-ACLE’s core themes.

Core Themes

Recent Projects

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