Customised Training

In addition to the scheduled training programmes provided under the annual training calendar, ILI-ACLE also designs and implements customized programmes based on specific requests from institutions. Carried out in close consultation with these institutions and the identified participants, ILI-ACLE takes into account the levels of experience of the participants and any identified specific needs and issues in the training area being developed. These programmes reflect a combined approach that ensures coverage of essential principles and best practices, as well as emphasis and focus on identified issues faced by participants in their work.

With a team-building aspect, these custom-built programmes also provide an opportunity for participants from the same department or institution to reflect on their work, and with the guidance of an experienced facilitator, together address challenges, weaknesses and opportunities within a conducive learning environment.

ILI-ACLE has carried out customized programmes in numerous countries for a wide range of public and private sector institutions covering areas such as Social Infrastructure Public Private Partnerships, Mid-Advanced Legislative Drafting, International Commercial Arbitration, Drafting Contracts and Negotiations for the Communications Sector, Modern Trends in Intellectual Property, and Project Management. A selection of custom-made programmes that have been offered by ILI-ACLE over the years are provided below.

To make an enquiry about a customized programme for your team or institutution, please contact us at and let us know: the area of focus for the training, the anticipated number of participants, your preferred dates, and the location for the training. We are also happy to provide guidance as necessary.

ILI-ACLE experience in customised trainings is set forth below:

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